The nine best swimwear brands for petites, srsly


I am asked all the time where to get swimwear that is petite-friendly. This post is all my favorite swimwear brands for petites in one place based on years of experience. I am always on the lookout for flattering, high-quality construction in small sizes, so please let me know if you have any tips about other brands!


The lead photo is my current pick from Aerie. LOVE their “VOOP” (V-neck plus scoopback) concept, and love this VOOP one piece, but it looks like the one piece fit might still have some design issues to work out. I am not sure about quality and durability, but their sizing should work well for petites. The suits are usually padded.


My favorite suits from Acacia are the ones that feature native Hawaiian plant motifs. Acacia makes very flattering suits in small sizes. I’ve never seen a top from them that has any padding, but the seamless (or near seamless) construction (two pieces of spandex fabric sewn together along the inside edges) they seem to consistently opt for is extremely comfortable to wear. So much so that I no longer want to wear any of the older style of swimwear construction (you know, those thick edges folded over with a meshy nude or white colored lining).

L Space Bikini Top & BottomsL*space

L space also makes very flattering suits that are comfortable and stylish.

ViX has been in the swimwear game for a long time and is known for their high quality thicker fabrics that last a long time and stay put in the water. If you like a touch of gold hardware on your suits and rouching, they always seem to have that. They also make classic silhouettes that are very flattering.


Mikoh always has very cute, very strappy, very flattering unpadded swimsuits. They do a lot of colors that would work well for cooler skintones, like the Lychee colorway of the bikini top pictured above. Their suits can be hard to find, but you can shop their website now. Construction is similar to Acacia where the garment feels like a silky second skin, but may not offer enough coverage for some.


French cross-back bikini top

J.Crew makes some tiny swimsuits, at least they have in past seasons, which actually makes sizing a little tricky, but shipping and returns are complimentary. The French Cross-back Bikini Top is my current favorite. It comes in a multitude of colors and extensive sizing options. They have had some iteration of the French Bikini Top for years, and I like to think they are refining it to perfection, although I wish they would bring their other version of the French Bikini Top back (you know the one with the band along the bust line).

Hurley Quick Dry Tie Dye Women's Surf Bottom Hurley

Hurley was being manufactured in the US, at least partially, by Swimspot for a while but the inventory there seems to be tapering off, which makes me think that manufacturing has moved overseas. I’m not sure where the fit, quality, and styles will end up. Such a shame. They made some great suits for a while.,w_rzm6_frt1.jpg

Roxy is a little hit or miss, both size and design wise. They consistently make good quality suits at affordable prices though, like the Cuban inspired print above. Just keep checking back until they come out with a silhouette that looks promising in a print that you like.
Splash! Hawaii

Trends come and go, but this suit by Splash Hawaii is always on point. Flattering, wide range of sizes and colors, great quality, affordable, made in Hawaii. I always have this suit in my closet as a go-to staple. You can’t go wrong with a basic triangle bikini top and Brazilian cut bottoms. They have a lot of other styles made in-house, too, and also carry other brands, including a lot of the ones mentioned above.

Have you tried any of these suits? Did I miss your go-to brand? Please let me know in the comments.


Old Navy picks May 2017

product photo

Old Navy is hitting the trendy nail on its head with increasing accuracy, but I have to start this post with the Linen-Blend Blazer in black, pictured above, which is pretty classic. I’ve been searching for a black boyfriend blazer for an eternity, probably at least in part because higher-end tailored options are too dressy for my casual environment. The linen fabric of this one makes the classic silhouette more casual. Available in regular sizing only, I was still able to achieve a reasonably good fit that may be enhanced by clever laundering. Most noticeably, the sleeves are much too long, but hemming the sleeves is a minor alteration. The blazer fits on the boxier end of the spectrum and hits around the hip in length. It looks very J.Crew over jeans with a baseball cap and could also work over leggings or a pencil skirt.

I believe the Off-the-shoulder cutwork top was once available online in Petite sizing but is now sold out. The lace detail at the sleeves is a nice touch and the off-shoulder design is trendy and flattering. This was my favorite off-shoulder style of the current options available.

The Crochet-Yoke top looks better in person and is an easy silhouette to wear to work that flatters many body types. If you are in the market for a simple machine washable black sleeveless top, this one may fit the bill. This was my favorite sleeveless top of the current options.

The Twill Field Jacket is back again. A nice and affordable option if you still have this unfilled niche in your closet.

None of the dresses are really wow-ing me. My favorite is the Tie-Waist Midi Shirt Dress. It comes in black and olive, the latter being a much greener color than the tan hue pictured on the product page. The olive colorway is actually a very pretty green that is striking with a nude shoe, but I would not call it olive. I don’t think either color is sheer. In general I like the loose fit with a clearly defined waist that this style was going for. The length in particular is longer than shown on the models for petite sizing based on the size I tried. I didn’t mind that, but I think this dress runs slightly large in every direction. I didn’t care much for the flimsy and thin 100% rayon fabric. I don’t know if it would shrink or not in the wash and it doesn’t have a lot of structure to it. Overall, great if it can work for you, versatile and on-trend.

I’ve been eying the Swim Kaftan Cover-up for a while now, but have resigned to limping along an old one from years ago. This one looks so chic in black and cute in the leafy print version. Can’t speak to sizing, but the fabric is 100% cotton and has a nice feel to it. Currently sold out in the smallest petite sizes, but I’d check back for pop-ups.

What are your favorites at Old Navy right now?